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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Mane n Tail Review

Today's review is on one of my most favorite hair product line mane n tail.Both their shampoo and conditioner are my favorites check out the perks and dets to each product below. 

The CurlyFroSista stamp

MANE N TAIL ( Herbal shampoo)
Smell    : Subtle, Soft
Perks    : Gentle cleanse, detangles, leaves your hair feeling soft. Surprisingly I enjoy using this product I'm not much of a shampoo gal but there's nothing wrong with switching it up at times I really enjoyed using this product especially for that clean finish. 
Cons     : None
Recommend :YES!!!  All types of hair

Product:MANE N TAIL (Deep Moisturizer)
Smell    : Subtle, Soft 
Perks    :One of the best perks I can say about this product is for sure the way it melts onto your hair moisturizing and making it easier to manage in the shower. I absolutely love that this line is sold in most stores and is very affordable it's a great staple piece your hair collection. 
Cons     : None
Recommend :YES!!!  All types of hair

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