LottaBody Products- Review

Review Time 
Personally I was really skeptical about the first product I tried by this brand. I believe it was a setting solution that I tried which honestly surprised me.I wore my hair straight around that time and I'm petty sure my hair was relaxed. I was sold on the first product and looked for other products but they weren't any. A few months back I was scrolling through my IG when I came across their page. They launched new products and I was super stoked so I rushed over to Walmart  and bought the "SHAPE ME CUSTARD GELEE" They SOLD me on yet another product and i'll explain why below. 

Shape Me Custard 

I've used a lot of styling custards which I did not enjoy using because of excessive flaking and dryness. So I was excited they created this formula and after the first try I was sold again #Winning. 
I use this for my protective hairstyles especially my two strand twist. I also use it on my wash and go which I happen to the Queen of I love wash and go looks and this is the perfect styling product for 3B hair in my opinion. 

Product: Shape Me Custard by lottabody
Smell    : Subtle, Soft
Perks    : Non sticky formula, weightless, moisturizing, and no flakes the day after 
Con       : None
Recommend :YES!!! 3B hair, protective hairstyles, wash and go, Affordable

Cleanse Me Co-Wash

My mom actually got me this product for my birthday. I was in North Carolina a few weeks back visiting where it's cold this time of year when I first tried it. Usually when it's cold I would have to pre oil my hair to prevent it from drying out but hunny not only does this product gently cleanses it moisturizes and DETANGLES! I co-wash more than I shampoo so I have a few that works well with removing build up but doesn't necessarily detangle and leave my hair feeling baby soft. This product on the other hand is Holy Grail  I'm  giving it a 10 out of a 10 because it's for ALL my needs in 1 bottle.

Product: Cleanse Me Co-Wash
Smell    : Subtle, Soft
Perks    : Weightless, moisturizing, Detangles, Helps with frizz, Affordable 
Cons     : Wish it had a pump vs squeezing 
Recommend :YES!!! 3B hair, protective hairstyles, wash and go, 

Love Me (5-N-1 Miracle Styling Creme)
I think like make-up hair deserves a setting spray and for me this would be it. I use this right after I condition my hair and finger detangle. Once I  apply my styling shape me custard I'll spray this all over my hair for sheen as well. This product has other perks like heat protecting, tame frizz and moisture. 

Product: Love Me (
5-N-1 Miracle Styling Creme)
Smell    : Subtle, Soft
Perks    :Adds sheen, moisturizing, Detangles, Helps with frizz, Affordable 
Cons     : Larger bottle 
Recommend :YES!!!  All types of hair

Here's a link to their website which features new products and no this isn't a paid review. I genuinely love these products in hopes to maybe help some of my CURLYFROSISTAS who's working on a budget or with my similar hair type. Check out their where to by section to find a retailer near you.

Xo- Sabrina.

Brand : Lottabody

@I_Luv_Thinkers said...

I very much enjoyed your post! I've used Lotta Body products for YEARS, I'm looking forward to using these products you've highlighted. Thanks so much for the info, I'll be back to see what else you're going to educate us on๐Ÿ˜Š. Great job๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

Sabrina Persaud said...

Thank you. Super excited to share all my ideas too. Thank you for your support
xo-Sabrina <3