To be completely honest it's quite hard staying focus. I've struggled over the years remaining focus on my blog but I try my best to keep sight of what it is i'm trying to accomplish. My day to day life outside my blog is pretty busy I'm constantly juggling my job, tutoring, social life, blogging and my self care. 

I've come up with ways to share with you how I stay focus on my blog while juggling my 9-5 job.

  • Setting goals : The best way to manage your time is setting goals, realistic an attainable goals especially if you're on busy schedule like myself. 
  • Planning|organization : Time management is like the rude awakening of adulthood , this is my biggest issue managing my time it's a work in progress though. This goes hand in hand with setting goals once you have a clear vision on what you're posting  schedule time for writing your post, photography, choosing products to review etc. I find this to be most effective way of staying focus , productive and organized
  • Reminders: This is new for me, I've been hella struggling these past few months on staying track but setting reminders have help. Visual reminders are a great way of reminding oneself, writing your to-do list and keeping those things in sight. 
  • Blog party : I'm all for a blog party I think it's more empowering to work with other bloggers this is one of my biggest goals this year. Inviting other bloggers to meet up and discuss mutual interest, this is good networking a great way to open room for collaboration. 

  •  Inspiration : It's important to fuel our creative minds daily with fresh ideas but it's hard to stay motivated and inspired at times I absolutely agree. I have bloggers who I absolutely love reading that helps to motivate my creative senses. Finding inspiration and keeping motivated is a brilliant way to stay focus. Inspiration comes in many forms but finding inspiration through things you are truly passionate about helps to keep your focus consistent. 
  •  Consistency :After learning these new ways to stay focus you must and i stress must because i'ts the key ingredient to it all: be consistent practicing any step. Consistency is essential to be success and remain focus. 

Thanks for reading guys!
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