My loves I missed you. My lappie broke so i'm kinda waiting for a backup so I can type more discussions for us. However where there is  a will I will find a way for us to stay in touch and continue to grow. Today I'm discussing a major topic which I absolutely feel needs more light. It's nothing new i'm sure we've all been been through scenarios of this but let's take a second RIGHT NOW to ask ourselves " Am I Being Supported", "How can I be more supportive"?


  • Me, Myself, I
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Work Environment
  • Other sources we support 
It's been 5 years now since I've been blogging and just working on mastering my craft. I've stopped many times mainly because of lack of support, drive and focus or just being inconsistent. I've accepted a lot of things that I contributed to me being what you call it " Unsupported' by not only myself but even people I genuinely care or cared about. 

Don't quote me but they say " Quality thinking is created by the way we value ourselves" 

Me, Myself and I 

Identifying: At that particular time my Mental Health was destructive. I was taking more care of people than I was of myself , my future, my well being in general blatantly neglecting my own quality of thinking. In return I was thinking negative and the most atrocious things about myself. I think I let myself go and I developed habits and mental issues that really impacted my life in a very very negative way. It was so hard to be supported by myself who should have been my own supporter. 

Create: Support starts with you. It starts by continuing to show up for ourselves everyday when we should be present for our dreams.No one else can paint the dreams we have or live our lives for us so take control of your life like to see changes. Forgive yourself from past scenario's where you haven't supported yourself enough or just feel like you could have done more. Applying more positive and quality thinking to our every day to day life really does impact us changing and training us to think clearer and intensely about the importance of self support. 

Supportive and Non- Supportive Friends

Identifying:  Are your friends supporting your dreams? When you have an idea of something you want to do or try what kind of frequencies are you receiving from your friends?Identifying the behaviors and responses of your friends can help give insight on how to receive them. Some people have a very big issue supporting their friends because of just not valuing friendship like they should. Some of us has busy lives I completely get that but just like any relationship it takes two people to make a union work. It's built on so many factors but not being aware of them can make us lose sight of it all.Growing up my mom always had this saying " Not all your friends are clapping for you some of them are clapping just to clap" and I never really understood that until I grew more into my twenty's. We can get blindsided by people's remarks or none at all. I cant tell you how many of my real friends actually support me because I wouldn't know. I figured out ways to find support through different people other than friends. 

Create: It very important on being transparent and open to people close to us. It's extremely important we communicate and keep and open mind at times to responses from them as well. Tell them about your blog, business, the comedy show, the talent show, the race tell them about it. The more feedback you can get the better and what better way to get more viewers by them also sharing the word. 

We grow apart from people over the years we really do where our energies don't match anymore, there's no room for growth in the friendships and spaces or sometimes we just all go different routes which is okay. Allowing those energies to go can help you create room to network with new people that may share the same passion.


Identifying & Creating: Family is everything they can be your biggest supporters. Just like I mentioned with friends family is similar but a little more delicate. It's imperative to communicate with your immediate family if you have one, or family in general about things you're doing. Tell them about the brand or business or school projects you're working on, get them included they might be able to help you reach your goals faster. Family can be a backbone to you but you wanna  teach them so they can help teach other people driving the support further.

My mom suffers from aging hair right and she freaking loves me to death. I'm her babygirl and shes so supportive. I helped her learn more about her and what  she can do to help her hair stop shedding. She's always telling the ladies at her job about how she fixed the shedding and who helped her bringing more supportive energy into my life. Sometimes the things we do can ripple into bigger things but it has to start with you.  

Work Environment 

Identify:  Do you have that boss who constantly piles loads and loads of work on your plate without providing a plan of action for you? Is your boss not helping you grow from from your current position in the company? Did you know that lack of support also happens in the workplace? These are all valid questions to ask yourself. Sometimes it's hard to see what's right in-front of you so pay attention to who is being overworked at the end of the day. Work is a place where we have daily responsibilities but yes! that does not mean your leader should not support you in every aspect of your job. You of course do not need spoon feeding like a baby but there are many projects or work goals you may need assistance with so here's what you do!

Create:  Ask for help! That's the first thing ask for it. It's free to ask people for help we don't need to beg for it just ask for it. You either get a yes or no but then don't you think that answer also says alot? Yes! it does. Try supporting your co-workers you don't need to do the job but you can become great listeners, a great learner when things arise for other people in the workplace. Be supportive and positive to other people to see the changes you want to see. Be the change. 

Other Sources Of Support 
Social Media gosh! It can be so positive at times but hella negative too. I was so blessed and happy with I connected with a group of women who share the same GOAL as I do "Women empowering each other" through our passions. I joined their facebook and twitter page where they post daily motivational messages, discussions, topics, allowing us to share our daily thoughts , blog post, photos etc this is a powerful way of supporting each other because we are all from different regions, shapes, sizes, color, energies.

I asked the ladies to share their thoughts on support 
“Having the support I thought I needed to flourish only caused me to be unhappy, discontent and feel like a failure. At that time; I didn’t realize that everything I needed was inside of me, and no one else. I guess at that moment, I had to reflect and realize that this is my life, and I have to believe in myself, continue to do the internal work, let go of family validating my success and believe + support myself, regardless if anyone supported or believed in me. Once I decided to do this, everything around me, including my business and blog began to flourish”

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Coming from a family that validated my differences and uniqueness, I knew I had something to offer the world that was beyond the norm. I wasn’t afraid to share or show the parts that made me unique.
 In return, I expected nothing from others when it came to my craft or dreams. I didn’t ask for support. I didn’t ask for confirmation. I didn’t ask for validation. What I often pst is simply just for me. It was my story, my dreams, my feelings, my world and I just invited people along the journey.
When you are secure in your value, not what the world say your value should be, you don’t constantly sit around and think about how you can get someone to support you or like you. You just simple be YOU without expecting a thing.
“And Because I expect nothing, I have everything.”
The world adjusts to you. The people that’s meant to be in your life will. The support you seek will come natural. The love you want will flow within and outward. Your community will also pour into you. People will see YOU and they will want to support, love, and empower you.No forcing. Straight flowing by simply just being YOU.
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I wanna thank both Takeia and Tameka for sharing their views on today's topic. Thank you for always showing support. 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading today's topic :)