Hey Dolls afternoon! Bringing a new review to you guys and today it's all hair talk. 
I always allow 2 weeks to past before I truly form an opinion on any product I use so it's been about 

Today i'm reviewing African Pride's new MOISTURE MIRACLE collection.


Product : African Pride Curling Cream

Smell    : Grains, Wheat

Perks    : Yo can we get a round of applause for the smell, Thickness, definition Cons     : Okay, so let's be real about this product. I wasn't too excited about it at first because it left my hair hella dry up dry up (yes i'm west Indian and I do have an accent don't quote me) Lol. 
Anyway after the first few tries of using it and not liking it I realized maybe it just needed something to boost moisture of my hair so I picked up their leave in conditioner and added some hair serum after and it somewhat came thru. I wouldn't recommend using this product for wash and gos but definitively for twist outs, it works way better at protective hair styles than it works for wash and gos. 
 Recommend : Yes. Absolutely, definitely for that overnight protective hair style. 

Note: Everyone's hair type is of course different so what works for me may not work for you. Today I used it on my hair for a video which should be up on my Instagram grid soon on these products. 

Product: African Pride Leave-In Spray
Smell    : Fresh

Perks    : Freshens and softens curls before cream, butter, styling product application I love the smell and how it actually distributes throughout my hair. 

Cons     : None

Recommend : Yes I would totally recommend using this product for all hair types. I would also recommend using this product as a prep before applying styling products or hair oils.

Product: African Pride Heated Activated Masque

Smell    : Nutty

Perks    :Sooo let me over hype this product as much as I can because  I love it so freaking much. The smell, the application, the results it's soo good. I don't have a hooded dryer so for now i've been applying a plastic cap and heated towel just allowing my hair to be deep conditioned and softened hair. 

Cons     :  None

Recommend :  Yes, Yes Yes

Hope you guys enjoyed my review!

Saabirah Lawrence said...

The masque and leave in conditioner sound great ��

Sabrina Persaud said...

The masque is for sure really good.