SOOOOOOOOOO! My birthday month which was last month I wanted to basically try out some new products for my body and hair. I'm positive I saw a sponsored tweet floating around about these products before I knew anyone who had them. I wasn't more so aiming for hair as I was for body but I did manage to stumble upon some new babies I actually love using. Let's get into the review ↴

The CurlyFroSista Stamp

Product: Love  Beauty & Planet Body Wash <Daily Detox>

Smell    : Soft, subtle 
Perks    : Vegan Products, smell. I have the most absolute horrible sleep schedule, I just cant stay asleep but recently I've been using this body wash at nights to help unstressed my body at nights. When I hop in the shower and turn on the hot water just the smell helps to awaken your senses helping you breathe. Tea tree oil is a great source to help overworked skin feel more relaxed so I love that I can rely on this baby. 
Cons     : None
Recommend : Yes. Absolutely for the people who who needs to unwind in the evenings.

Product: Love  Beauty & Planet Conditioner 
Smell    : Fruity but subtle 
Perks    : Vegan Products, very conditioning, contains coconut oil. I personally love their bottles like the cubby look, pastel colors its very appealing to eyes. I love how simple their formula is and how it's easy to manage in the shower. 
Cons     : Next size pls < A girl has no control on a dime size>
Recommend : Yes. Absolutely for all hair types even colored hair. 

Product: Love  Beauty & Planet Body Wash <Radical Fresher>

Smell    : Soft, subtle 
Perks    : Vegan Products, smell. Hands down next to my Ivory soap that I use one of my best body wash to use. I love how clean and fresh it smells while i'm in the shower. It's very invigorating in the morning when using this body wash I feel more awake and ready for the day. Love itCons     : None
Recommend : Yes. Absolutely for the people who just needs a morning push in the shower. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my review. I love doing these and sharing them with you. If you have a product suggestion let me know  and I'll review xo