Energy is truly a powerful force

Hey dolls, it's been a while since I've blogged and I'm entirely and truthfully sorry to not only you guys but myself. 

How would they say when you've been stuck on the same chapter? Oh yea that's right a  block. 

I've been widening the scope of my existence training myself to think and see life differently among which I was also overworking myself adding more stress and exhaustion to my physical health because I was not managing my time better.

Note: We as humans lack accountability in which we find it hard to live in our truth more. We aim for the most colorful areas forgetting that even our monochrome areas have life.

I was focusing on too many things at once which included my personal life, social and work and it became entirely exhausting to my mental health. This in return made it so difficult to produce content and easily allowed me to lose sight of my blog. I assume many of us who has a passion for blogging run into blocks where it's hard to stay motivated and inspired. I did manage to study myself and work harder to be consistent with my mental health so I can revive from the unruly cycle of being torn between depressed and happy. 

I'm in a much better place this year i'm writing this post now as a 27 years old , yes I celebrated a birthday just a few weeks back and I feel absolutely a new. I'm more focused on me, my life, my dreams, my goals this year and mainly being HAPPY. 

Thanks so much for reading and hope you enjoy the new look of my blog.

Next Post: My next topic will be all about energies and vibrations. How do we recharge our battery pack both physical and mental .