Hey my loves. I'm back today with a brand new discussion and i'm featuring a guest. 

One of the things you'll grow to understand about me is that i'm a introvert. I enjoy the beautiful relaxation of my own company and doing most social things solo. It took me a while to understand what this ment but once I was able to reach a point of understanding me better I felt more at peace with my life. 

Today myself and Madisen from melaninskinandcurls  collabed  to bring to you

" A day in the life of a introvert"  

This is a great way for you guys to get to know me a little deeper and get a chance to see  different takes on two introverts. 

Brief description to your introvert lifestyle

— Being an introvert has its pros and cons. The pros are me being able to spend time alone and enjoy my own company. I can enjoy nights at home rather than being at social events which make me feel super awkward. Also, I’m more calm because I’m doing what I love.. which is sitting at home! I use to be upset because I couldn’t push myself to go out with my friends whenever they wanted to go to a club or get some drinks. I knew as soon as I got to the place, I would be miserable and want to leave! So having friends in my life who understand my personality and limitations is great! No one tries to push me into doing anything and we all end up happy :-)!

-Growing up in the West Indies I always use to think that something was wrong with me so identifying being a introvert did not hit me until I was twenty-four. So from a kid to 24 I thought I was just a anti-social person. I really wished I knew the terminology behind my stand-offish ways back then. Generally i'm a pretty chilled person. I love relaxing in the comfort of my home or being around nature and people who fuel my energy with positive vibes. My personality is very energetic however I recharge like every introvert "in my own personal space".

A glimpse of your day to day lifestyle explaining the fundamental qualities of you

— I’m a very reserved person. I don’t like being the center of attention and I don’t gain energy from socializing with people. I’m usually doing something I love, whether it’s blogging or watching Netflix. Those things make me happy! I enjoy solitude, being in a quiet space with no one around me. (Except my dog, he can follow me wherever)!

— I’m also an observer. Whenever I meet new people whether it’s on social media or real life, I always sit back and see how they carry themselves. Some people I just can’t vibe with and others I can trust to a certain extent. The close friends that I have now didn’t happen overnight. It took me some time to see how they act and treat other people, and that determined if I could open up a different side of me.

— Despite being a tad bit socially awkward, I’m a compassionate person and I enjoy helping others. I can’t go through one day without encouraging someone or saying something kind to boost their mood. I always treat people the way I want to be treated and I also love supporting others and helping them to grow and feel good about themselves!

Lowkey- This is a great word to describe me 💁People see me as a private person who likes to keep most things especially my cards close to my chest. I'm not secretive but I find that staying in my own lane continues to be the best decision for me.

Energetic - Although being a introvert appears to be what most people assume that we're loner! it's not necessary true. I'm a very energetic person and I personally know I'm radiating alot of light which is a good thing and a bad thing because I tend to get burnt out easily. It at times affect my mental health by the end of the week or it could be a great start into trying new things.

Understanding- This is my middle name it's not a trait that I recently developed it was a trait I was exposed to growing up it's embedded in me. I'm a really good  listener so most times i'm able to be patient and allow people to freely be themselves.

Adventurous-  You know what I love the most about myself? My adventurous side! I love the road life but it's not what you think. I love being on the road by myself the random road trips after work to zen out and listen to music while enjoying the fresh air I love it. It brings me more peace to be in my car and in my space absolutely enjoying my own life.

How do your family and friends respond to you being an introvert

— My Mom always fusses at me and tries to make me get out of the bed or go out with some friends. She is an extrovert so she can’t understand the life of a loner! As far as my friends, they completely understand my boundaries. My friends are mostly extroverts (crazy, right?) But they never make me feel uncomfortable!

I don't think it bothers them or really ever did. TBH my entire family are all introverts so we kinda get each other. Ha here's a laugh both my parents are Pisces and guess what I am? A Pisces! so they get me very well. We all recharge almost identically but partially different  at the same time. My brother he's a cancer very much introverted as well. We all like to be around family and be merry together but also love our spaces.

What are some daily issues you struggle with being an introvert?

— The biggest issue that I struggle with is talking to a lot of people! Ever since I started my blog and made my page public, I’ve had random people message me wanting advice on hair and skin, which I don’t mind but it’s overwhelming trying to keep conversation. I have a limit to how much I can associate in one day!

— Another issue that I struggle with is being around crowds. I get bad anxiety and literally feel like I’m going to freak out! I need my space, I can’t have people all up on me or beside me. That’s why my bed is my best friend lol.

Lawwwwd! Take the wheel!😆

→Sensitive : Naturally i'm a very sensitive person. What does this mean ? I need more time and understanding when it comes to people getting to know me. I was raised with alot of love and my family radiates love when it comes to me and people. Growing up my parents always had patience to sit and explain things to me and as I grew older I learned to embrace this side of me. I use to hate people calling me sensitive because I would get upset over things that were really hitting places I never knew existed. I've had people tell me " I'm just a blunt person" but I deal daily with people like that. So I had to let some of these fools know " Do not confuse arrogance with being blunt"

→Communication : I still sometimes struggle with communicating with people because I tend to shut down really fast when pushed.  I'm not a person who likes drama, conflicts or people trying to bring harboring feelings towards me. I can do two things shut down or have an outburst. Meaning  I will most likely cuss your ass out real quick!☝☝ Yes, i'm feisty it's the island in mi :D but these things are a work in progress because I'm learning (still) how not to let people get to me.

How do you recharge from a typical day?

— I usually work on my blog and come up with different topics that I want to discuss on it. The main reason I started blogging is because it calms me and it makes me happy. Focusing on that after a long day just gives me time to de-stress and enjoy alone time.

→ Nature and Music : Recharging my battery pack is simple. Nature is calming to me I may either zen out under a tree at park just smoking a J while listening to music and listening to my surroundings.

→ Netflix and chill : More Netflix than chilling :D I watch horror movies all the time it's more calming to me than just taking a nap.

→ Meditation : Even if it's only 15 mins a day I like to find peace in myself focusing on my mind, body and soul. I love to cater to my kingdom when i'm recharging.

→ Food : I love food okay! My ass loves to eat fruits so I find that eating food I enjoy helps to fuel my mind and body.

Hope you guys enjoyed the collab 
More discussions coming soon!
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Madisen English said...

I loved reading this sis! We do relate in so many ways but it’s interesting to see how we can both be iintroverts but still be very different at the same time. Thank you for this opportunity love! You did a great job!

Sabrina Persaud said...

Thank you so much for joining in on the discussion. You also did a great a job and it such a great opportunity connecting with you <3