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Hello my loves. Welcome back to my blog. I finally worked out my posting schedule for #CurlyFroSista and i'll be posting on Mondays,Wednesdays and Saturdays. I missed yesterday because I'm sick I still am but I wanted to give you guys a little life update on what's going on over on my end.

I wanna do this post maybe every 3 Months so we can keep in touch on what's new in my life. 

First I want to share a quote from one of my favorite Jamaican artist "Chronixx"

"Dweet for di love We nuh Dweet for di likes " 

Mental Health Update 

So far looking back to January I've had a few minor set backs where I needed some time from my blogging. I was recharging my battery for a few months, searching for new inspirations and ways to stay motivated. I had a mild case of depression around February but I manage to pull through and get back on track. I'm currently flowing into a much clearer lane which I've worked extremely hard to maintain but i'm blessed, humble and receiving an overflow of love and support from you all and also my partnered Sisterhood group.

Personal Development 

Wow! Where do I begin. I've been  raising the bar high for me over the course of 2 months. I love love love the pace i'm flowing there's no pressure but there's alot of practices. Recently yes I know all my stoner familia been like "Dam we aint had a session in a hot minute." Four days to me is like 4 weeks haha! I love my herbs man but like I said pratices are being applied to my life. 
I've been exercising more self discipline , will power, accountability just showing up consistently for me.  These practices has resulted in a more positive focus and drive producing more and more creativity daily.
I passed my teaching exams I recently did. I'm taking more classes learning and growing more into my profession which I love and my boss also recognizes. I love adding more things to my belt as possible. 

My confidence is at the highest it's ever been. My self esteem has grown so much on social media and in my personal life I'm so proud at working at it. I'm growing to become fuller with substance to my life not trying to perfect things that don't need perfecting. I've been going through so many inner development I can't help but be absolutely proud of myself. 

Relationship and Friendships 

I'm cringing! But hell with it. I live in my truth unapologetically so here's the update on this area. I'm very much not looking for a relationship right now. Not that I don't wanna feel that bond there's so much work to be done in my life. I'm lifting off a view upcoming projects that I just don't have the time. However I was recently getting to know this woman for a few months and that I was really enjoying but not all good things are for you. Our energy started shifting or at least my energy was from her due to some red flags I know is not best for me. ...

Eh some of you might be thinking dam and some of you understand. But they say the past does not define your future but it took my past to really wake me the fuck up. I understand that we all wanna feel love but I think as much as I wanted to be with her my overall feelings were confused. I'm at a point where we're too grown to be wasting people time.Not that she was entirely but the point we bumped heads I really started feeling like I don't need that or any future energy that makes me feel like someone is being arrogant towards me cause I can I become very shelled in. We both have similar qualities but I don't need the same I need deep. Real deep connections that fuel my soul and mind matching my vibes, my love, my curiosity I feel like even I'm not ready for that just yet. So i'm single and focused on my future.

Body Confidence 

I know on my social media pages you guys notice more body pictures of me. I'm embracing all things Sabina moving forward it's been (2) beautiful years on this journey to self love and it's been a very with ease process. I've been flowing with so many waves that I'm so grateful for the time I was given to focus on my body. I wanna do a body shoot i'm so nervous haha i'm ready but there's still a little residue from past feelings.  I think sharing a body positivity   picture would help practice more self love and I wanna connect with other women who felt how I felt before I become so confident. 

June I can't wait to receive all the new blessings you have in store. My biggest goal for next month is Growth. Pushing myself to the limits I put in my path. I'm ready to break these barriers unlocking more and more parts of myself I'm ready to learn. 
Networking is the first thing on my list. I'm so ready to meet new people and just enjoy learning and growing it's that simple. Everything else falls into place after that. I'm currently working on building a travel tribe in South Florida to grow together and adventure together because I need some new perceptives

It's Friday tomorrow
I'm affirming "We are all growing" for tomorrow 
Thank you for reading
Aagbaby said...

Hello Sabrina,
Beautiful blog? I’m proud of your growth, I’m the most positive person until you piss me off,
I never had an issue with you, until you started lying on me spreading lies, obviously My temperament was nothing to play with,
As a woman a black woman a Guyanese woman, I was never in competition with you, you were listening to people put shit in your head,
I never called you fat, I always admired your body, I told you that, but you were so insecure, I was vulnerable and hurt, I just didn’t think you could dress honestly, that’s honesty, please don’t continue to make me out to be something I never was, shit I wanted to be thick you wanted to be slim lol, we connected because of our energy’s things in common? I was controlling, arrogant etc, I honestly appreciated our friendship
Before anything, it’s too many haters out here for us to hate each other, women in power stick together, I didn’t grow up like you in the country since Guyana is not an island right, however it’s still our roots our culture, does that make you better than I more superior girl, stop
With the nonsense, I really liked you for who you are, be well and I’m not arrogant I’m confident, big difference I just don’t get intimidated easily,and I never feel threatened, but I’m sensitive as fuck something we have in common!! Btw come snatch me then love🇬🇾💋♒️I’m in creek lol you were missed!