My "Self Care Routine"

💜Self Care Routine

💚My priorities.

💙My physical well-being routine.

💛Mental Health.


Self-care is something I learned 2 years ago. I can admit I did let myself go at that point. I was definitely not focusing on making me happy. I was completely blinded and mistreated by a lot of people I cared for and it drove me bananas that I set myself on fire many times trying to make other people warm. I was burnt out and exhausted emotionally until I had a very crazy melt down. I pushed myself to toxic points because I couldn't think or see me clearly. Somewhat of like looking for the vampire in the mirror. 

I took full control of my life of course! And started taking better care of myself for me. I want to share ways I self care; it's more than just slapping on a face mask and watching tv it's identifying priorities that should be no#1 on your agenda (YOU)!

One thing I learned is that prioritizing time to ensure you follow through with the important things you need done is so rewarding. I love checking things of my list of goals for the week or month. Sometimes even on-off task that I most likely needed to get done feels really good. This is key to self care for me is knowing that I am committed to me and my life and future. I control how the empire gets ran. 

✪Physical well-Being

  • Beauty and Body care
  • Fitness and Health  
Who doesn't love to be pampered and enjoy the relaxing melodies of your senses rising. I love being able to zen while enjoying the smell of coconut and fine tune of jazz music.Pamper day means alot to me. It's that one or two days in the week where I just get to kick back and not worry about anything. Here's how it goes on a typical self care day.
Let's dive into how #CurlyFroSista  get down.

To start off I love to indulge in my premium products that allows my skin to breathe and relax while also using Cruelty Free products that are 100% Vegan. I'm throwing in a bonus review on of my favorite products for May by Acure Organics. 

Acure Brilliantly brightening Cleaner: 

I love the simple smell of this formula and the win (it's plant based). I'll be doing a topic on why plant base products are more effective for me.So I recently shared this product in my stories on my Instagram. I instantly fell in love with this product after seeing the results from my first wash. I've tested this product out for  about two weeks now and I've sticked to my regiment everyday. 

It's simple to use you just need a dime size and I mean a dime size sis,lather and massage slowly washing away the day and enjoying the fresh after feeling. I use this mostly in the day-time for best results and to keep my skin also shine free. Gel cleansers are my favorite it's best for combination skin because it literally washes away oil and build up from the day. This a plus for people who suffer from combination-oily skin. Hope you guys liked my review i'll be sharing it on my IG as well!  

Hair Mask : I also love getting a hair mask done on myself care days. I find treating my skin is one thing but my hair OMG I love my hair and the care that goes into it. One of my simple and easy go to mask is my papaya banana mask. I recently uploaded a video to my Instagram check it out. Leave a (yellow heart) 💛 so I know you found me through my blog xo! And as another bonus here's my recipe.   Hope you like it. 

Click the link to view my video 
🎬Papaya Banana Hair Mask 

You'll need
4 medium slices of papaya(cut in cubes)
1 banana 🍌 (ripe)
Olive oil
Easy peezy! Blend until smooth! Apply by adding to small sections of hair . Massage scalp for blood circulation and to help with hair growth 3-5 min massage is almost as good as sex😂!

Health and Fitness 

Taking care of my body is nothing new. I actually love fitness sometimes we don't always have the time or enough time to get it done. Which is absolutely okay! I don't workout as much as I should but I do like to eat right to help for the lack of being physically active. I'm a teacher so most of the day I am extremely active.

I like to balance out my meals which include switching it up daily. I like to incorporate new recipes to my food ventures too. I love making a lot of vegan bowls but I still love to eat my chicken wings. I just like to do it in moderation but still be able to discipline and eat healthy. 

One of my favorite things to do is  making smoothies. I recently learned how to make a green smoothie. Now I've experimented with this recipe a few times and I've mastered the taste of how I like it. In case you wanna try it click Green Smoothie to view my recipe. I love replacing a meal with this smoothie or just drinking it before my workout. Sometimes I have this for breakfast or just when i'm on the go. It's a great way to stay hydrated while staying healthy and reaping the benefits from the fruits and vegetables. 

Mental Health
This is my first and main thing I ensure is apart of my daily self care routine. My outside matching the inside is very important. I've mentioned in my most recent blog post I live a very introverted life. However I am still a very active and personable individual so often times I'm communicating or is always in close contact with people of all ages. My energy is constantly being burnt out so I tend to need longer self care days. Recharging for me is not as simple as laying in bed and just chilling which is fine it use to be the comfort place but these days i'm expanding and growing. I love to be out in open spaces but by myself to able to clear my conscience and body of any negative forces which needs to be released. I focus  more on my anxiety if more than anything because i'm triggered daily by it but I'm able to reasonably control urges to shut down. 

Recharging these days for me is being able lay out in the sun with my Bluetooth speaker while listening to music. Having a glass or wine or having a smoke sessh with myself and just tuning out people. I love to recharge around nature. 

Forgiving myself is important for me. I tend to hold onto things which leads to me feeling frustrated and tired very easily. I tend to forgive myself at the end of the day so I can sleep and progress well without putting myself down. I actually love this new technique because I can be so hard on myself at times. 

Adventure: I am a very adventurous person. I don't need friends to have a great time I can do that on my own. I actually get clown on for being myself but who gives a fuck I love my own company more than I like being somewhere I don't flow in. I like taking mini-road trips which I can't wait to share pictures of. I've traveled a lot throughout the United States but I love exploring my own State alot. I love traveling to different beaches here in Florida up the East and West Coast of the State learning new attractions and seeing different water life. It's rather interesting. 

How do you relax? 
Comment your tips on how you relax i'd love to know.

Relaxing includes three things for me : Peace and Quiet, Nature, Music 

I hope you guys loved my Self Care Routine! Thanks so much my Queens and Kings! I receive you all humbly. Sending positive vibes your way.