Hey my loves Good Morning. I hope everyone is having a beautiful day so far. Today i'm bringing a product review on two items I recently picked up by the Brand : Texture My Way

 I recently visited the beauty supply store to purchase some new goodies for my hair. I love testing out products of course when I stumbled upon these two products. My hair is very weird at times its combination hair someday it's too dry someday too oily. But I blame that on the Florida weather. I did not have this issue while living up North my hair was perfectly at the right moisture I needed.

I'm really happy I found these two products and i'll tell you why.

I'm in the works of editing the video using these products, I was able to capture a shot of my Semi dry hair after using these products. 

Product #1
Keep It Curly (Curl Pudding)

If you've been following me on my Instagram for a while you know I actually don't like the curl puddings. I don't like the clammy feeling of the product in hair or that husky look (dry hair) it creates after the product is absorbed.

Do you guys like that?

Well I manage to find my second curl pudding that I really like using.  I started using this product about 2 weeks ago thats the time frame I like to give to know if my hair is loving a product or not.

I have to confess something guys! I picked up a second jar just in case I needed some on the go 😆 A girl can't get enough.

Let's dive into the #CurlyFroSista Stamp!

ProductKeep It Curly (Curl Pudding)
Smell    : Soft, subtle 
Perks    : Fast absorbing , define curls, great for wash and go, a plus on protective hair styles and a beautiful natural sheen thanks to the olive oil and shea butter from the product. Affordable thanks fam!
Cons     : None

Recommend : Yes. Absolutely! 


Product #2

Texture Control  (Dual Conditioner)

Another fabulous find from Texture my way which has some great perks after every wash. I use this as a hair treatment for my hair. I've used a few products that gives similar results but the best thing about this product is how soft it leaves your hair.

Are you guys into the fluffy curl look?
I  love the fluffy curl. I love mad volume <3

I use these two systems in the same day for best results. I need to get either a cowash and oil from them which i'll have to look into. Of course I'll update you guys.

For extra conditioning try sitting under a hooded dryer for 15 mins and let the it sit for the remaining 15 mins while you finish remaining episode of your favorite show!

Product: Texture Control (Dual Conditioner)
Smell    : Soft, subtle 
Perks    : Can be used as a regular conditioner or deep conditioner. Safe to use on color treated hair. I love the smell I get many compliments from people which I love♥️  AFFORDABLE! Thanks fam
Cons     : None

Recommend : Yes. Absolutely! 

I hope you guys enjoyed the review more product reviews by texture my way coming soon. I’m currently testing 3 more of their products.