10 Tings #2018 Has Taught Me So Far

Hey my loves Happy Sunday. I was so excited to get on my posting schedule and fell off drastically. Aiming again this week for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Yes it's Sunday but since I've been off this week so consider this my bonus to redeem myself. I was recently looking back at the past few months and as we want others to support us we must support ourselves. I'm thankful for learning these things which has helped me a lot over past 5 months. 

Ask yourself 
  • How often do you reflect on the things you've accomplished? 
  • Am I  giving myself the praise for the hard work I've put in to achieve these goals?
  • Or maybe you went through something and healed from it.? 
This is something new for me and as I embark on new experiences i'm going to include you in them. 

15 Tings #2018 Has Taught Me So Far
  1. Patience ↷ Not that the other years hasn't taught me patience or experiences hasn't but this year in particular has taught me to be more patient with myself and the way I expect for things to progress. Rushing the process will only make you frustrated and drained and I learned that the hard way.
  2. Replace hate with love↷ I'm human and i'm positive we've all been upset with someone one or something that we just can't shake. So far these past few months has really pushed me out the light of holding onto grudges. In the past I use to rejoice being the grudge queen as if it was such a big accomplishment. The things that came so freely to my tongue but yet served such a negative power in my life. I needed to let it go. I'm not perfect but I am working on making this a practice that is consistent. It feels great to forgive people. My lane is clean and pure. 
  3. Ask for help ↷Pride is a big B**ch and boy I can be prideful. I rarely ever ask for help but this year I am trying to be more vulnerable to myself to avoid blocking growth and blessings. I've joined a sisterhood with my beautiful sisters from Unashamed Bloggers They have all played a very big role in my life. These are women scattered across the world, different shapes, sizes, ethnicity, goals, views, perspectives. All meeting in the same place to show up for themselves and their journey.  It's a very remarkable feeling to relate and be supported by women who are strong and can really be themselves through their passion. 
  4. Be kind to my body ↷  My goal this month is restart my fitness. I'm very active in the day time however I could be more active especially knowing that i'm a late eater. I cut back on a few things year which I'm extremely proud of. Being kind to your body is not going on a strict diet suppressing urges to want to eat foods you enjoy it's just being disciplined with lead way. Drink more water, drink more smoothies, have more salad than rice, drink your vitamins, continue with your self-care days. Feel great on the inside by fueling your body with things that will help heal and grow. 
  5. Be myself ↷ Yes sis. I'm being myself everyday are you? Who does not like feeling accepted for who you are. Not that we need acceptance but this is the form of respect for me that does go a long way. I've come out my shell a lot and this year i'm being my true authentic self. So far I've been flowing with nothing but my truth and authenticity which some people often can't handle but the show must go on. My world does not stop at the strikes of matches being thrown at me. These angles and controversial views from people are mainly voiced by people who are confused within themselves. Not listening to chatter has definitely raised the bar for me because there is no reason I should question myself when when i'm simply being myself or feel deeply about something. 
  6. Prioritize Self-Care Days↷ These days are important. Weather you're doing it alone, with your tribe, Family make time for you. This is the time you've given yourself to allow healing, recharging, calmness and energy o flow into you. Get your thoughts, your weekly list, your relax time, that you-time. Encourage your family members to make time for this as well as a way of practice what you preach. My mom and I do at home spas where we take care of ourselves religiously. Even if it's a really good nap, a face mask, some meditation allow the calmness to flow into these days. 
  7. I'm not always right ↷ Learning to be a mentor is a process. My approach is not to obviously be a "you need to do this and do that" person. My energy itself plays a role in receiving. A lot of people receive me in the light of love because my goal is to give love and guidance to my viewers and friends. I definitely don't feel like i'm always right  because I make mistakes like everyone. How exhausting is that to have to explain all the time why you're right. Agree to disagree, nurture but never force ideas on people. What good is learning when it's forced and has no room for transparency. 
  8. Invest more↷ Into me that is. In my goals, dreams, my future plans. I learned that self investment goes along way. People are watching they really are and I love being on my -A game. I love building more levels to my name, achieving and accomplishing big or small things that benefit me. My work speaks for itself when I put in 24 hours of planning or just being ready for the day it shows. Who else better to invest in us but ourselves all the other things are a bonus to what you've already invested in. 
  9. Close chapters↷ Letting toxic people or things you've outgrown go. There's no point investing time and energy into things that no long serves purpose or has light to create beneficial roots for me. I had no idea letting even the same people go who brought me light at a point in my life would bring me closer to the truth. I really let go of a lot of feelings, people, tv shows lol  to be able to see things clearly and for what they are. 
  10.  Be alert↷  There's always something looking to vacuum energies from us. I've been very alert of these people and forces that come to pull from my life. Red flags, subliminal announcements nothing goes unseen. I use to over analyze things too much but I realize having a clearer mindset really does give my over analyzing skills a trophy. This is a gift it's my gift given that I appreciate more now than ever to be able to read people  and keep things at a distance. I am so protective of my energy and my time that i'm alert. 

Happy Sunday
Use today to reflect and give yourself a pat on the back for getting one step closer to your happiness. 

The caption said 15 but you have 10, probably a typo but that’s fine. I felt like I was reading about myself, I’m still struggling with #9. I honestly thought that I’d let go of someone that I was really close to but my birthday made me realized that I haven’t and it hurts so bad. Anywho great post, I enjoyed this post.

Sabrina Persaud said...

Must have been a typo sis! But thaaaaaank you so much sissy for coming and checking out the post <3 We do struggle me, you the world but with practice there's nothing we can't overcome. I hope you had a great birthday <3 <3 <3