5 Things I Struggle With As A Blogger

Hey my loves,

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I wanted to really set up a post showing other bloggers things I struggle with day to day. I'm sure many of you might even struggle with these in your journey. My main goal is to become a full-time blogger of course and even though I'm loving my part-time journey I do end up hitting a few bumps along the way.

Time : We have a love hate relationship. Most days timing is great and I can pretty much push a few  post and engage with ease and there's some days where time is really against me. I find that time isn't something that's easily ready for me when I get off work from a long shift the most I want to do is really just smoke a splif, shower and relax. It took me quite sometime to work on this that I still struggle with this issue. My tactic to making time is understanding and knowing your dreams can only be reached if we make sacrifices and be consistent. I tell myself this every time I try push my scheduled time for  my dreams or passions to the side for things I could easily be given over and over. Once I established that I was still in the same level drove me to do better. I've been learning time management.

Posting Schedule: I recently designed a posting schedule which I thought would work great for me. Unfortunately not all scheduled things work out this way. I felt like randomly posting was not a good look I want my viewers to establish a better connection with me knowing what days I post. This is so difficult for me to keep up with but at the same time it requires patience and consistency to make anything work. I had myself wanting to post 3x  a week that would have been the ideal way to keep my engagements an production steady but I'm either off a day or not posting enough. So to resolve this issue without adding pressure to my plate I'm experimenting what days are primary great days to better build a more realistic schedule instead of retreating back to randomly posting.

Other people stealing my ideas : Yes I ain't lying but this is pretty fucked up. I met someone who I was getting to know and I admit it's frustrating when you plan to collab with people but they end up going a different route with no intention of crediting you for your work. Who does that! It becomes very frustrating because I work hard on those ideas. My focus when blogging also is to help my sisters WIN. But this was cruel I regret even exposing her to my media because of  the ill way she treated my time and patience.

Numbers :  The one thing that stresses me out is numbers. I'm encouraging everyone reading this post to please  do not pay attention to the numbers. If it's 5 people viewing your post it's alright that means 5 people took the time out their day to simply support you. Be humble, grateful, thankful be more energetic about what you receive vs what you think you should be expecting. My mother always told me to leave room for disappointment expecting things to always go right is an unrealistic way to look at life. Paying attention to other people numbers gave me anxiety but for what?  Did I work my ass off for those numbers? Did I lose the sleep for those numbers? No I didn't but it does not mean I cant get there because I sure can. When I removed these views and thoughts out my life and path things really started to change. I saw how organic I was becoming engaging with my viewers daily working harder but smarter to accomplish my own numbers. I am so happy that I can say we are growing guys bigger and better and as I continue to work on me I learn more dept within me .

Demanding viewers : This one is new. I recently started joining more groups and platforms where I'm working on building a following base and some of these viewers will literally inbox me saying things like "I need you to respond with more dept answers" after I responded a paragraph explaining how to do what their asking. Bruh like what more can I tell you. I'm sorry but we're all  made up different and what works for me may not work for you. You certainly don't need to rush me or be rude to me. It's quite funny actually to see that people act like this even behind a phone or computer. So please i'll prolly have to check you or block you if you come at mi demanding my time. It does not work that way ma'am. This discourages me at time but this is my journey and world and I control how things work. I'm so not a systematic person so you should never expect that from me. I work on how I flow it's the purest way to receive me and for me to deliver truthful and honest content.

Thanks for reading my post. I'm sure my fellow bloggers go through these things.
 Feel free to comment with your blogger struggles. 
Sending my love.