Blogger Interview | J A Z Z I E

Hello my loves,

Today we're interviewing the beautiful Jazzie. I read her story on her blog and I was so inspired by her message.  The idea of supporting other people's dreams while my dreams are pushed to the back really makes me frustrated. The amount of energy I put into making sure someone else's dreams does not crumble drains my own ability to produce for me. Aint't that bitch what an eye opener reading that was really putting a lot into perspective for me. 

Thank you, love.  With that being said let's dive into her interview. 
  • Who are you?
My name is Jazzie. I am the owner Black Digital Nomad & Holistic Health & Wellness Consultant

  • What do you blog about?
I blog about living abroad as a black digital nomad and holistic health and wellness.  So Travel. Health. Wellness & Realness. 

  • What are ways to inspire you? 
I am inspired by the feeling of optimal wellness. When I am good to me, I feel good! and that's what keeps me going. 

  • What challenges have you experienced with blogging?
The biggest challenge I have faced as a blogger is consistency.

  • How do you empower women?
I empower women by letting them know they don't have to allow their past to hinder their future. Growing up in South Central  Los Angeles was very hard, my mother was a drug addict and my father abused me. I struggled with loving myself up until I was about 27 years old. I struggled with alcohol. Got in lots of trouble with the law, fought a lot and walked around with loads of anger and pain. Then one day enough was enough, I decided to start my journey of healing. 

Ways to connect 
IG : BlackDigitalNomad & Jazzziebynature