Blogger Interview : Jailyn Glass

Hey my loves, 

Today joining us is the beautiful Jailyn Glass from jailynglass.com🌴 she's giving us a little a preview behind the blog. Keep reading....
  • Who are you?
Hey there. My name is Jailyn Glass. I am a public relations professional and a lifestyle & beauty blogger from Detroit, MI. With many roles to fill, I've sought opportunities that aligned with my vision and passions after college graduation in 2015. I've always been inspired by the ability of expression, creativity, and individualism; I knew I wanted to work in a similar fields working behind the scenes, fostering relationships, and making amazing brands, company, and people stand out.

When I'm not blogging or working for clients, I'm either living in my movie (energy, pep, know-how, determination, and courage,) traveling, reading, watching YouTube beauty/makeup videos, or enhancing her knowledge and experience in natural hair. I live for pineapples and #TGIT nights, food + cooking, learning about professional photography, and giving back through mentoring to middle school-aged girls about self-esteem and self-love.

  • What do you blog about?
I have a lifestyle and beauty blog, where I pretty much talk topics in those areas. From makeup, my life journey and stories, hair, and sharing other women's stories, I believe my blog is a great, sacred place for my readers to read and relate.

  • What ways are you inspired?
I am inspired by scrolling through my Instagram feed, reading books and blogs, friends and family, buying products lol and by my own situations & revelations. All of these items bring joy and clarity to my life, and it also allows me to bring creativity into various parts of my life.

  • What are some challenges you experience with blogging?
Consistency and finding meaningful topics are the biggest challenges for me, and these are the most two important skills to have when blogging. No one is perfect, but every blogger I know struggles with this as well so it is completely normal. Each of these challenges takes time and patience to develop, so bloggers shouldn't quit as soon as it gets hard. You just have to keep going and grow within what you deal with.

  • How do you empower other women?
I empower other women through words and actions - words to empower, and actions to back up my words. I feel joy when I am able to comfort and support friends and family and knowing I am making a difference in their situation.

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