Blogger Interview | Rekitta Peters

  •  Who are you?
My name is Rekitta Peters. I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a blogger. I am a divorced mother of 2 teenage kids a girl age 17 and a boy age 14.

  •  What do you blog about?
 I blog about my experience as a woman who is a former victim and survivor of domestic violence and how to empower and educate women who are victims and survivors of domestic violence and honor other women who lost their life due to domestic violence.

  •  What are ways you keep inspired?
 The ways that I keep myself inspired are as following.

  • 3a. Blogging on my blog Purple Vision 
  • 3b. Stay connected by joining bloggers facebook group
  • 3c. Joining the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)
  • 3d. connecting with domestic violence (DV) advocate like Zoe Flowers, Monica L. DeBro, Dorothea Thea Robinson and Altovise Pelzer.

  • What are some challenges you experienced with blogging?
My challenge in blogging is finding more time to blog to meet my monthly goal of publishing at least 2 blog a month.

  • How do you empower women?
I empower other women via my blog Purple Vision. Hello. Purple Vision is blog I launched on October 20, 2017. Purple Vision is a blog dedicated to helping, empowering, encouraging, educating women who are victims and survivors of domestic violence and honor the memory of women who have lost their life due to domestic violence. Learn more about Purple Vision Blog at http://purplevision.org/blog/



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Rekitta Peters said...

Thank you Curlyfrosista for Blogger Inteview Rekitta Peters and allowing me talk about my blog Purple Vision. God bless you sis.