Blogger Interview | Shekela Jones

  • Who are you?

   I am Shekela M Jones, a 23 year old Mississippi Blogger & student. 
  •  What do you blog about? 
   Any and everything. Whatever my heart desires, I write about it. 
  • What are ways to keep you inspired? 
  I get most of my inspiration from experiences that I face daily But I also get inspired by hanging with my friends, taking walks, reading, and sometimes meditating. 
  •  What are some challenges you experience with blogging?
  Actually sitting down and writing. I have so much to write but I sometimes have trouble wording correctly. I also struggle with topics. 
  • How do empower other women?
  I support them, whether it’s emotionally, financially or whatever. I’m also there to encourage other women to move forward, work harder, never give up. 

Ways to connect 

Twitter: Prissyk_
Instagram: lovealwayskela