Blogger Interview | Yvonne Chase

  • Who are you?

I am Yvonne Chase, a daughter of the most high God and the Single Woman's Cheerleader.

  • What do you  blog about?
I blog about Living Single, Dating Smart and Marriage. If we live a great single life, date smart and enter into romantic relationships for all the right reasons, then we can have great marriages and slice the divorce rate.

  • What are ways to keep you inspired? 
Pursuing my passions keeps me inspired. For example, I am super passionate about wellness and clean eating. Cooking and preparing meals keeps me inspired and in my happy place just like blogging. I get lost writing a thought provoking blog post.

  • What are some challenges you experience in blogging?

 One challenge is at times not knowing what to write. What many don't know about my blog is every post is inspired by God. I write what he tells me to write. What he puts on my heart to write. Sometimes it takes a minute for him to give me something but when he does, it flows like water.

  • How do you empower other women?
My blog is a one stop shop for women's empowerment. Every woman who goes to my blog will leave knowing she is 100% complete without a relationship. There is nothing wrong with her if she's single. The grass is not greener on the other side of being single. It's green where she chooses to water it. 

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