Hey My Loves,

Today i'm sharing my May favs. All the products I've been loving last month is here in one place. I've got some skin care, body care, hair care, styling tools and jewelry to show you. I personally love seeing these bits from other bloggers as well. 

  • Skincare 
May was all about experimenting with new vegan products that are cruel free, environmentally friendly and great for the skin. 

I've been loving my Acure Organic collection. These three products have helped my skin this month for oil control, daily cleanse, exfoliation and is apart of my self care days. 

  • Skincare

Moisturizer wise I recently switched back to my  Andalou Naturals products which has definitely rescued my skin from these these harsh Florida heat and humidity. 

  • Body Care
Last month was for sure coming out my comfort zone and one the things I said to myself was I needed to be able to support more women especially small owned businesses. It's so easy to be distracted by these big companies that are out there but I forgot there are these small owned businesses that need our support. I stumbled upon on this girl in Jacksonville, FL yes a few hours from me but I really feel like it's by faith how we connected. Shes' so lovely and she makes home-made products  like candles, shea butter, lip balms all natural products. 

I picked out a few products on her site which I've been loving especially her Teakwood Whipped Butter which has been a game changer in my body care. 

Her Princess lip balm is also one of my favorites not only does it smell great it's super moisturizing and feels great on my lips. 

Click the link to her website : littlesuncandle

  • Hair Care
These products was a miss for a while. Then I finally opened the lid for a smell and ahhhhhhh I loved the smell. It was the first thing I fell in love with.  I used this product a day before my wash day ; basically as soon as I got to my house from the store. I was already trying it out. Now at first thinking a creme in my hair hmmm I don't know how it's gonna work but it did.

Ya'll seen the videos on my Instagram! you seen those results! don't you question my hair game when i'm using these products. You don't need to be a hair wiz to use any of them. They both give fast results that are voluminous and bouncy. 

Check out these two shots from a recent wash day using their masque!!!!! 

I also had a haircut this day :D which felt so good getting rid of of my split ends :D

  • Styling Tools
Pretty self explanatory :D My pick and spray bottle; however I really want to invest in a more durable spray bottle one that I prefer does a mist with a much more powerful diffuzer. 

  • Jewelry 
On my social media I recently posted a picture of this watch ← I've been rocking it everyday for work it's so simple and minimal for everyday wear. 

  • Miscellaneous 
I've had my Super Smoothie book since March and i'm now re-discovering a really effective smoothie that's a really easy to make detox. I use daily in the mornings to speed up my metabolism and also help to increase my energy level. 

Hoping you guys had a lovely weekend.
Let's continue to engage this week and grow together.