Self-Care With |CurlyFroSista

Hey beautiful people,

Today it's all about #Self-Care mind, body and soul. Sometimes we neglect ourselves of care;the type to make us look and feel good. Finding time for yourself isn't about compromise it's rather priority in my opinion. Personally I have to find time when it comes to my self care days. As a introvert and someone who has extremely bad anxiety I frequently need these. In the past I use to really neglect these days and sometimes I would continue to add layers of stress to my plate. This really made a mess of how I looked at myself. I use to feel ugly inside and out and I promise you I would never want anyone feeling like that. I worked really hard to re-discover ways to love myself and create more meaning to how I care for me. 

Which is why I wanted to share my #CurlyFroSista Self-care tips. Yasssssssss! Sis i'm tryna help you focus on you. Take back the control in your days and life and choose you. Your mental and physical being is very important so showing more care towards those parts of your life will really improve not only the quality of life but help us understand our worth. 

Let's go!

 Re-discover yourself 

This is a great way to really put your life into perspective. Ask yourself what makes me happy? Find those things and add it to your self-care. I love playing catch up with Sabrina (me) because my world is forever changing. I'm not a particular person but I like what I like and I happen to change my mind very quickly. I do try to stick to things mostly that I love and I'm pretty good on staying on top of these things. 

Set Up A Self -Care Day
Depending on your schedule try to find at least one day where it's about you. It could even be the weekend (one or both) days to just kick back catch up on your favorite shows, do a mud mask, sleep in, have some coffee do what makes you feel great. Self -Care Days can be spent doing whatever you'd like just try to make the day about you. 

Fellas this goes for you too! I'm sure after working a long week you also would want to just focus on re-grouping. This day can be spent resting, reflecting, it could be a day to stay in with a mask and play the game. 

We all need recharging. Unless you're the energizer bunny our body can and will shut down if there's too  much stress and fatigue physical and mental  self-care is important to manage that. 

Add some pep to your meals
Did you know that starving yourself does not help you lose weight sis?Seriously it don't! So stop it's more harmful for you to just starve yourself and your mind. I personally do not support what people call "Fasting" because the body can be cleansed, detoxed and restored by many ways other than starving. I use the word fasting not in terms of the spiritual commitment some of you maybe thinking. I'm speaking mainly on starving your body of the nutrients it needs. 
Make some healthier choices for self -care day as a way of you saying " I can eat what I want but today I'm choosing to fuel my body and mind with more power foods". Add more pep into how to treat your body. And guess what sis you wanna eat that Big juicy burger later sis psssh go ahead. Loving yourself does not mean you need to be a certain size it's to love yourself in the size you're already in. 

Meditation is a beautiful thing. The connection between you and your senses is really beautiful. It's really simple to meditate anyone can do it. Finding a quiet area in your home, work, car even around nature and really focusing on releasing is apart of meditating. It can be just breathing, thinking, unthinking just coming one with you and your mind.Even when i'm at work I get an hour to myself which I take really seriously. I'm always sitting and to myself I breathe out the pent up stress from the earlier part of the day. Meditation helps to release unwanted energy, reduce anxiety which I find to be very effective because I deal with anxiety daily it's key to me having a really successful day. 

Boost Your Confidence
How many times a day do you tell yourself you're doing a great job? Come on ask yourself. It also important to be encouraging to our own selves. I find that boosting my own confidence does put me in a great mood and I feel proud.

 So this is the most cheesiest  thing I started doing but it really does make a huge difference. I feel good about myself and it's randomly. I set up little daily messages on my calendar with positive affirmations telling myself how proud I am for working hard on my blog,a goal etc. Telling myself I'm beautiful, I am accepted even reminders to to accomplish all my goals just giving myself more credit. This has helped alot  and if you want to try it out hit me up we can do it together. Imagine having a bad day and your phone send you an alert raising your vibrations telling you how important and wonderful you are and all the things you posses. And it's all coming from you! Now that's beautiful and powerful. More self praises! 
More Positive Vibes
Surrounding yourself with good people who appreciates your time Is also a great way to self care. Your family , friends , blog sistas the people who really knows how important time is. Weather it's catching up, having a glass a wine going over goals find time to laugh and interact with the people who make you feel good. 

Let Go 
Dang!!! This one is really the best because allowing yourself to release toxic energy is really a great feeling. I use to be petty and I mean P E T T Y! I never forgave people and would always bottle that energy up. Forgiving people was something I learned after time it took alot of energy to stay mad at people especially for years. Letting go of that link really did bring more peace into my life. I don't feel the need to hold onto things anymore life is short and making good use of your energy is also a really great feeling. 

Stick To IT
Consistency is key to making something grow and last. Make your self-care more enjoyable by continuing to be yourself. Don't change for people change for you. Do what's right for you but make sure you feel great. Stick to your self-care days, make more time for you and love you unconditionally because sis only you can love you the way you need to truly be loved. 

Thanks so much for reading <3