Switching My Career Field Improved My Mental Health

Hey my loves,

This is probably one of the topics I should have talked about months ago on here but I'm finally getting around to it. So let's go back to 2016 when I moved to Florida ending my 3-year relationship. I was not in the best headspace matter fact I was in a horrible place in my life and when I came home to pretty much the old life I needed to be busy.

 I moved back into my parent's home and instead of staying home crying over the pieces of my life I did not want back I begged my mom to help me find a job. My mission going home was to be happy, healthy and do things I use to do. I desperately needed to be myself and I needed my family. My ex was very controlling in our relationship so I needed to take my independence back. Wednesday I arrived in Florida and by Monday I had a job I was so happy to have found something that would keep me busy but I had no experience in this field.

Me? Kids! I promise you I was very nervous my first day. My mom works as a director at a Pre-school and she's known the owner for a few years who actually also needed someone. I got the job on the spot after being interviewed which I was so happy about. It helped to raise my spirits but the owner was really confused. She wanted to understand how someone with so much Health Care background would want to work in the education.

Now to be honest I realized that maybe 8 years of being in the medical field it was not something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It was not something I enjoyed. I quickly switched from that to a more corporate position but each role I was placed in was very consuming matter fact corporate America took a big chunk of my life and selfishly ruined my views on jobs here.  I've worked for Surgeons, primary doctors, hospital, medical clinics  I was even a senior physician scheduler and I promise you I can handle stress but I did have to ask myself "when do you stop and realize that your physical and mental health is more important than a job" these people care more about production vs caring about also keeping the people who work for them happy. I was done with corporate America it did not allow me to have a life outside my work not because of choice but my jobs were really demanding and being a faithful employee they did not know how to appreciate me. I was not getting the support I needed matter fact I was getting zero support.

I use to bring all that stress home, I tried practicing time management and even wanting to try to love it but it was not for me. My mental health was diminishing rapidly I was growing more depressed being in a field no longer served me or made me happy. Those jobs gave me so much anxiety even with working high paying jobs I was not happy. I was turning into someone I hardly even recognized.  Enough! was enough!! Leaving the field was a complete game changer for my life especially how I viewed it.

Flowing into teaching was not what I expected and here's why. My first day as a teacher was emotional. I was having a sad morning, on my first day with kids. 2-year-olds might I add. Do you know what taking care of a 2-year-old is like well picture what 11 of them is like? I remember reading a story to kids as my first practice no one was there to like look over me or micromanage me I had a huge classroom all the way in the back of the school. I was happy to see that I got an entire space for myself it felt completely great to me. Everything in the room I was in control of it really made me feel independent.  In the middle of the story, I burst out crying they story was about a pup who wanted to know what a kiss from other animals felt like. The kids looked at me and apart of me thought I was scaring them. One of them got me a tissue, Alanna who is still one of my kids in my classroom came and hugged me and squeezed me tight "I melted."

My heart drowned deeper into how I was feeling. Omg, what was this new feeling? Every day I came to work it was more exciting I was eager to learn about each one of them. They were all unique, smart, challenging and boy they were funny. I did not like children I'll be honest. I had no desire to want children until I met my ex who royally messed that up for me. But these children were so pure and honest they grew on me. I remember leaving for lunch that Friday a week of being a teacher and they cried "they wanted me to stay". Now I was going to lunch and returning it was my routine and they were learning it.

Omg! My emotional ass bust out crying immediately. I remembered going to my car and just crying, even more, it was a good feeling to be appreciated and loved. I really did feel good about myself that I think from that day I decided to work harder on me. As I worked more and more months into my new profession I started growing and building a more professional and close relationship with the parents. I was apart of their lives and hearts. I was actually doing something great for these children. Growing and molding also I was developing their first stages in learning. Teaching them so many areas in their life that I realized life is really a cycle. We get chances to improve how we live and what we live for and these children inspired me to continue to push through.

I remember chilling in my car one night in my zone listening to music and I thought to myself how happy my life was becoming. I was no longer stressed at all, I was happy to get up and go to work to see my kids and love them it was really something I enjoyed doing. Taking the learning courses and exams for teachers also did teach me how to play my role as a teacher and explain how what I was doing was helping them develop. How exciting. I promise you I haven't looked back at Health Care. It's not about money to me it's about being able to grow individually and but help others grow.

Children, grown people, myself, spaces there's so much room to grow in education and I love it. I meet so many teachers now that makes it absolutely encouraging. This is my second-year guys and I still love it. This job is not only something to enjoy but it's a challenge. One that you can win especially when your heart and mind is in the right place. Switching into this profession really improved my quality of life and also I have time to care and love myself while still having room for my dreams. How cool it that?

Thanks so much for reading remember to love yourself and know your worth.
Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

Sis, loved reading this post. Working with kids can be such a joy, they really are pure of heart and love unconditionally and with no expectations. I’m so glad that you were able to find a job you enjoy and that doesn’t have you stressed and mentally exhausted.