ChronicCurlyCommunity | Support Group Interview

Instead of just asking you to follow this support group I wanted to give you a scoop on the creators who they are, what they stand for and how they are helping the Natural Community. These three ladies created ChronicCurlyCommunity: a group where people who suffer physical or mental health ilness share their journey.  I love this idea I thought this was a great way to spread awareness or even as a motivation for people suffering from any kind of illness to feel accepted and loved. I shared my story also in their group and everyone was welcoming and encouraging. 

Today we start with Madisen who's giving us her response on how it all started. 
  • What's made you start ChronicCurlyCommunity? 
— Ashley (@naturallyellae) and I were in a live one evening and the idea came up after we were discussing our struggles with chronic illnesses and mental health. We talked about who would be the admins for the page and started it up the next day.
  • What's your ChronicCurlyCommunity motto?  
— Our page is for naturals who deal with chronic illnesses and/or depression/anxiety. When I first opened up about my chronic illness by doing a blog post, I received a LOT of feedback and many people were opening up to me in my DM’s about their struggles as well. A lot of people even commended me for speaking up and it gave other people the courage to say something. This page is a safe place for anyone to express what they go through outside of social media. Many people believe that some people have the “perfect” life because they look happy on pictures, but that’s not the case at all. From looking at this page, you will be able to see that you can’t judge a book by its cover. You should never assume how happy someone is based off the Internet.
  • Share (3) testimonies from your followers on their experience with your platform.
1. @curlyfrosista — Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you loves. You all are soo beautiful and your stories have all inspired me to share my story getting my truth out there. I love you all. Sending love and light into your life and homes.

2. @liya_784 — I am loving the page too. Thank you for creating it. Too many women are suffering in silence and this shows us that we are not alone

3. @lorascurlyhair — Thank YOU for bringing this to light and making this page. I am a little emotional to be honest because it’s so refreshing to see a curl page like this.

  • Who is Madisen? 
I advocate for anyone who is dealing with a chronic illness and/or depression/anxiety. When I was first diagnosed with these illnesses, it made me feel so low and I felt like I was alone. I was in a dark space for a long time and felt like no one could relate to me, but in reality, people go through the same but they are too afraid to express themselves because of the fear of being judged by others or being labeled as “crazy”. I want people to know that no matter what society says, they can’t make us feel like our illness shouldn’t be talked about. They shouldn’t make us feel like it doesn’t matter. I want to encourage everyone, men/women to express themselves and seek HELP if they need it. Don’t be afraid to tell your loved one or a close, understanding friend what’s going on. Do not isolate yourself. Do not feel embarrassed about needing assistance.

  • How has starting this group helped you? 
— Starting this group has helped us to connect with other naturals who understand what it feels like to deal with a chronic illness or anxiety/depression. We no longer feel like we are fighting this battle alone. We now have a group of warriors that encourages each other and wants the absolute best for each other.
  • Can anyone share their story on your platform? 
— Anyone who wants to express their story can share it on our platform. We don’t force anyone to share if they don’t want to. Share your story once you feel comfortable enough.

Ways to Connect
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