ChronicCurlyCommunity | Support Group Interview

  • What made you start ChronicCurlyCuties ? 

ChronicCurlyCuties started as an idea by Michelle and came to fruition by Ellae and Madisen, who later invited me to join them. We decided that the goal of this page would be to both spread awareness of the prevalence of different physical and mental illnesses within the natural hair community as well as to serve as a safe, supportive space where people can share their battle and receive support from other naturalistas. I met Ellae and Madisen after I shared my story about my battle with lupus and fibromyalgia on social media and they have become a large component of my social support, and I wanted to be able to share that experience with the natural hair community. Having a chronic physical or mental disease is extremely isolating and we envisioned this page connecting other chronically ill people in the community together so no naturalista feels alone in their battle. 
  • What's your ChronicCurlyCuties motto?  

 A safe, supportive space where every naturalista can feel included. 

  • Share (3) testimonies from your followers on their experience with your platform. 

Follower (1) 
“I am in love with this page…I feel like most of the pages with curly hair have focus on perfect bodies and perfect hair. We are not and aren’t designed to be perfect. Let’s focus more on the struggles that we all face not in ways to be more perfect? Can’t tell you enough how amazing this page is to me.” 
Follower (2) 
“I’m so happy you have this page now and given others opportunity to speak on mental illness and autoimmune diseases...my passion is blogging too a platform for me to express and let others know they are not alone.” 
Follower (3)  
 “This is great. Thank you for creating this account! I’m surprised at how many people I recognise! But it is good to realise so many other people are going through similar things!”
  • Who is Kayla?

I advocate any cause that stands behind destigmatizing physical and mental illnesses. People tend to have negative perceptions of different psychiatric conditions and view people with different medical conditions as fragile and I hope to work to end the use of such labels. People who look “normal” (normal is a word I hate, I might add) may be battling you know absolutely nothing about. 
  • How can followers connect with you?
Feel free to connect with me on Instagram via DM! I love meeting new people and aspire to be a friend to all. 

  • How has starting the group helped you?
This group has helped show me how important it is to be vulnerable. By choosing to be vulnerable and share my story with others, I believe I have inspired others to do the same. Through this, I’ve connected with so many other chronic illness warriors who understand me in a way that most other people don’t. I no longer feel isolated and misunderstood. I feel supported. 
  • Can anyone share their story on your platform? 
Of course! We are inclusive of all!
Madisen English said...

I love your answers Kayla and I’m so happy that we connected! I’m thankful for you because you have truly been a great friend to me and understood my chronic and mental illness more than anyone ever has. You’re so inspiring and just know I’ll always support you!

Consy Toribio said...

I'm with follower #1!! I love the page because of that as well. Since attempting to join the IG curly community very quickly I noticed it wasn't everything I imagined. You needed to have a certain curly pattern, a certain look, heck, even a certain aesthetic to your feed... I really didn't like that at all! No originality and more importantly - noo realness! It was finding pages such as this one that helped me realize that there definitely is very real curlies out there who don't fit the "mold" and aren't afraid to share their true self!