Mental Health In Jamaica | TIA VANRIEL

 How are /were you affected by mental health?

My mental health is array of things. Whether it be my body confidence/ self-hate or depression. It is so hard to not listen to that voice in your head. My mental health has been an ongoing battle of mine however I try not to let it shape who I am.

How are you being supported ?

Honestly, I am my support system alongside social media. People like to say the negatives of social media but fail to mention the aspects such as people wanting to check on you, tips and advice for staying positive and generally  a supportive community. The internet has a lot to offer which my family can’t in a sense. Being Caribbean means that my mental health is usually swept under the rug or disregarded as it’s not physical suffering that they can see. So I’ve had to find alternative methods to be my backbone in a way.

Do you feel that schools have the tools to support the youths suffering from mental health illnesses? 

Yes & No- towards schools trying to help the youth. I feel like they need to conduct methods/research to seek out the sufferers. This is because they don’t usually know who’s suffering unless it’s brought to light. However when they do know of students that are suffering I do believe they put in that extra effort to make sure they’re supported and advised.

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