Mental Health With | JoJo Harrison-Ladouceur

1. How are /were you affected by mental health?

Growing up in a strict Caribbean household, depression didn’t exist. It’s always brushed up under a rug. Growing I had it good and bad. I hid my depression very well. Didn’t want to get any harsh criticism especially from my family members! From being picked on throughout school( my insecurities play a big part of my depression which it shouldn’t but it does), having a mother who is sick since I was 4 years old and Having my first 3 miscarriages turned my life upside down. Watching new mothers holding their babies and crying made me hate myself (I was wondering what did I do wrong?). I on the other hand was in pain. When I lost my father everything came crumbling down. I was living with a lot of regrets and I still do! I never got a chance to tell him I was sorry. I have attempted to take my own life. I have overdosed on bottles of over the counter medications and I planned on jumping off a bridge once. Several times. It’s a constant battle between myself and my thoughts! Telling my aunt I’m depressed and hearing “Oh that’s just a demon inside of you” “You need to go get baptized “. Having anxiety attacks and no one to comfort made me hate myself even more. Till this day I still struggle with depression, anxiety attacks, and suicidal thoughts! Sometimes I’m just tired and want everything to end. It’s hard, it’s not something that you can overcome by night. Sometimes I ask myself why am I living? What is my purpose in life? 

2. How are you being supported?

Yes, my best friend tries her best to comfort me. She’s afraid to lose me. She’s fighting for me more than myself. I’m giving up but she’s not giving up on me. Even though I have my best friend, sometimes I feel alone trapped in a very dark and cold place.

3. Do you feel that schools have the tools to support the youths suffering from mental health illnesses? 

Yes, all schools should have different methods to support the youths that are suffering from mental health. Even when I was at school I remember several students took their own life because of depression. But no one knew about it!

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