Support Group Interview | Ellae

  • What made you start ChronicCurlCommunity ? 

Well it all started when I had went LIVE one Friday evening and I was talking about natural hair and then it went into dealing with a chronic illness while managing a social platform. And Madisen had joined in and we seemed to have engaged a lot of viewers. I had been thinking of creating a hashtag so that any Curlfriend could share their story and then use the hashtag to been seen. One of the admins, Michelle, had asked if we could start a page. So Madisen had took ownership in creating and Kayla also chimes in as well. So from that point, we all collaborated on putting our heads together to create this judge-free zone for those who suffer from any chronic illness and also whose apart of the curly community

  • What's your ChronicCurlCommunity motto?  

I would have to say one of our Motos is to “be yourself.” It’s easy to think we need to conform to other people’s lifestyle or pace to keep up but in reality, we have our own pace that we need to maintain. So it’s important to stay true to ourselves because 99.9% of people will never understand our chronic struggle. 

  •  A cause you advocate for?

So I advocate for Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety Disorder, and Depression. I’ve been diagnosed 7 years this past February and I’ve learned so much about myself in this past year. It’s been quite the rollercoaster physically mentally and emotionally. Most of all, I’ve learned how to cope with this ailment and still find comfort and joy despite the challenges it brings. Chronically Beyoutiful is something I started recently with “EllaeSquad” Gear I created. Anyone is free to purchase the T-shirt to help them feel and know they are beautiful despite their limitations.

  • How can followers connect with you?

 My social platforms are @naturallyellae (hair&makeup page) @speakunspokenly (my author/poetry page). 

  • Share (3) testimonies from your followers on their experience with your platform. 

Well, I have to say just really in general, a lot of followers have just been so excited and happy they have a platform to run to and openly share their stories. We’ve had so many unleash wounds that I can ONLY imagine is difficult to relive. However, in being honest and open about their struggles and illnesses, it’s helped them become stronger. Seeing that as a result of this page, really makes me happy. 

  • How has starting the group helped you?

 Starting this group has truly opened a door for awareness is various different ailments people face day to day. It really puts things into perspective and how we can all be there to support each other!

  • Can anyone share their story on your platform? 

So what’s unique how this page is it’s geared towards the curly/natural hair community. Anyone whose among that community is free to message us and share their story and we review to feature them. Everyone’s story is valid and we want to make sure it’ll be of great support and encouragement to all readers and supporters.