Mental Health Discussion | Mileka Nelson

  • How are /were you affected by mental health? 
I Was Affected By Mental Health During My Freshman Year Of College. I Was So Depressed & Stressed Because Everything Was All New To Me. I Was Trying To Figure How Much Time I Needed To Spend On Specific Assignments & Which Assignments I Needed To Work On First. I Really Felt Like I Was Going Crazy Most Days. I Isolated Myself From Everyone & Everything Because I Disciplined Myself To Strictly Focus On My Assignments. I Guess That’s Where My Mental Health Really Started To Kick In. I Didn’t Allow Myself To Take A Break From Reality & Actually Have Fun. I Didn’t Start To Actually Escape From Reality Until The End Of My Sophomore Year. Once I Started Enjoying Myself & Not Thinking About My Assignments As Much, Things Started To Become Easier For Me & I Was Inducted Into An Amazing Lifetime Honor Society.

  • How are you being supported? 
My Family & Fianc√© Helped Me Get Through That Tough Journey. They Knew It Was Affecting Me Mentally & It Was A Priority They Made To Call, FaceTime, Or Visit Me Every Other Weekend. Just Hearing & Knowing Your Family Are Doing Everything They Can To Support You Is The Best Feeling In The World. It’s Important To Have Positive, Loving, & Encouraging People In Your Corner. ALWAYS!

  • Do you feel that schools have the tools to support the youths suffering from mental health illnesses?
Yes, I Think There Are Some Schools That Have Tools To Support The Youth That Are Going Through A Mental Illness. They Have Counseling Services At High Schools As Well As College For Them To Attend So They Can Talk To A Profession About Certain Topics That Are Concerning Them.