Mental Health Discussion | Quenelle Forbes

How are /were you affected by mental health? 

I suffer from depression and severe anxiety. Having both of these means that my illness can be never again, they’re both chasing one another and it’s hard to find any positivity in life because of it. Some days it can effect me very bad and other days, not so bad, no day is the same when having these illnesses

  • How are you being supported?

I’m being supported by family. Mental health illness is something I’ve suffered with for quite a while now and I only opened up to my family about 8 months or so ago, I didn’t let them in everything because it’s a hard topic for me to put into words and mental health is a weird subject for my family, but the things I did tell them, they’re trying their best to support me by checking up on me and talking to me. I also had counseling which really helped me because I got to talk about things that I would never tell family or my friends. I guess that my medication for my anxiety is also supported as well, my doctors have really supported me on this as I was apprehensive at first and they made sure I had all the information and had regular check-ups to check my progress. 

  • Do you feel that schools have the tools to support the youths suffering from mental health illnesses?

I think in some ways they have the tools to support, I got my counseling through my university and although they had received cuts, they still can provide 6 weeks of counseling for students. However, I think they could definitely do more. They could put on free events, they could raise more awareness about the support they offer students and they could also support ethnic minority societies in terms of mental health. Suffering from mental health illnesses myself there is only so much I can do to help other people, if I had the help from qualified professionals that worked within my institutions, I feel like we could do more than I did and help more people. 

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