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Today I'm sharing my recent interview with the beautiful 
Quanae Starks

She's an American Guyanese Blogger and is sharing her take on mental health. 
  • How are /were you affected by mental health?
My mental health affects me on a daily. I have ADHD and while most people don't look at ADHD as a mental health issue it very much is, lol. Sometimes my lack of interest in anything sends me into spells of depression and it sucks. So whenever I do find something I'm super interested in I stick to it because I don't want to slip. If you know what I mean.

  • How are you being supported?

Actually one of my friends was the one who suggested I went to a therapist to find out what was my issue. She's been my friend for well over 10 years and she's my biggest support system when it comes to my mental health and has always been. We have weekly check ins and girl talk. My grandmother worked in mental health she also helps me. She's really the only person in my family who knows I see a therapist. West Indians tend to think prayer and/or church helps everything and she was the only one who I felt comfortable to share with.
Do you feel that schools have the tools to support the youths suffering from mental health illnesses?

I've been out of school for almost 10 years now but when I was mental health was not a thing. Teachers didn't care about how we felt. We rarely spoke with counselors or anything.

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