Perfect gel cleanser to end summer

Not only is this cleanser easy to use but it's not overdrying in any way. Bosica products are very extensive and effective giving you instant results. A perfect staple piece for you combination girls suffering from oily skin.

Glow up time with my #1 favorite toner
Sis if you're not already using a toner in your regiment shame on you. Using a toner is a step in skincare you should add or continue. One of my favorite toners of all time is my Green tea toner by the glow recipe. This Asian line makes awesome products for combination skin that is very effective and leaves you with a glow. Safe to use on all skin types. 

 Everyday moisture without the build-up
Throughout my entire summer, I've been using my Vichy mineral 89 boosters. This aids as a great moisturizer without the cream-like formulas which can create oil build up. Say goodbye to oil and hello to the glow. I love the lightweight feeling of this product giving your skin the true feeling of being free. 

I can guarantee you that a majority of women skip this step as if the under eye doesn't need love too. Sis a great eye cream can really help slow down the aging around the eye area. There's nothing wrong with aging but why not help reduce under eye dark circles, loss in collagen and puffiness. Of my best eye creams would have to be my Roc multi-complexion eye cream it's great for women in their late 20s like me and even my older gals. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. 
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