For as long as I could remember taking care of me seemed like the most difficult thing to do. The most difficult thing to plan or even exercise. It's so crazy how we think we have the answers to taking care of people yet we have no idea how to approach our own selves with care. 

It' s my 2 Year Mental Health Journey this month and I couldn't be happier for choosing me. I will admit this journey was not easy it definitely required a lot of patience and distancing. At this point in my life, I have no regrets putting in more work on nurturing these wounds to fully close and heal. It definitely feels good to look back at my accomplishments and see what working on me can amount to. 

I'm currently smiling from ear to ear right now because to think about it "Self -love, and care" and truly the essential balance when creating happiness and peace in one's life. 

I was so toxic guys, I mentioned in my previous post but really I was so toxic to my own self. I was afraid of so many things that I held myself back from becoming who I am today. My needs and wants not being fulfilled created so much destruction to my health my whole thinking was wired and trained to believe I needed people to make me feel whole. 

Are we really that brainwashed? Somehow society created this projection that we need validation to feel accepted. I use to feel that way. Posting pictures for likes, videos, acting and saying things that matched no value to me but really doing it to fit in.

 Are you pretending to be something you're not?  This was a haunting question I use to ask myself when I found me uncomfortable and uneasy in settings I really did not belong.

 Wait... not that I didn't belong but more in settings which had no value to me. My whole outlook on life changed when I started to pay more attention to how I value my time and what I do with it. 

I had to say goodbye to friendships, relationships, jobs, toxic forces anything not serving me as a purposeful experience. I don't care for small talk, and being friends with everybody I'm focused on me. 

I devote alot of time working on myself doing things I actually love and enjoy. I wear clothes that make me feel great, I eat my favorite things with discretion but I enjoy what I love, I do more and say less and my I'm definitely am myself 100%

What's that saying? Loving you from a distance!

Sometimes that's the way to go. Everyone will not be for you and not everyone will clap the best things for me right now Is to remove myself from these spaces that are not lasting or meaningful. 

Just a little chit chat I wanted to throw out there. I am Happy that you took the time to come on the blog and read a little update. Choose you always!

Thank you so much for your support.