My Fall (AM) Routine | Brand Collab

Afternoon Dolls

Feels good to be back doing what I love. Today I'm sharing my morning routine. I filmed a video yesterday which was unplanned very spur of the moment but I wanted to share a few new goodies I've been using so far. 

The season is changing which I'm super excited about the heat just has to go! Summer was fun but I mean who wants to be hot all year round! Cheers to November also my loves hope your year ends with love, success, and freedom. 

To start off OMG! Acure Organics and I collabed together to bring to you my routine.  What an exciting time for this Vegan brand, which happens to be one of my favorites. Launching new products which I got to try out and I'll tell you definitely a step up for my skin-care. 

Here's why.......

New***Acure Incredibly Clear Stick Cleanser

I've been using this cleanser for the past week and also guys this is my first stick cleanser. So far it's very easy to use. I love the dial you wind up like a lipstick very cheeky and the packaging is super sleek. This is perfect for everyday routine (day and night) traveling, road trips etc. The formula is very rich and creamy when applied to the skin which gives you that velvety feeling as you wash away impurities. I use my hands for regular cleanse and a wet rag for deep cleanse. Overall my skin felt soft and clean without the stripped feeling Yay! Easily a new love I love simple products.

Energizing my shower
Are you a morning person? I would like to think I am. If I've had my coffee then for sure I am. Unlike every other coffee lover I don't have time to grab coffee every morning so I add the energy my shower before I leave my house. Essential oils are awesome around the fall for me because it more scent focused for me that gets me in the spirit. My current body wash is the Radical Refresher by Love Beauty and planet. I add about 6 drops of peppermint oil to my a wet rag and my body lather and scrub away. I feel super refreshed and awake ready to start the day. 

***New Acure Mattifying Moisturizer 
New products New Formulas? Seesh this a mainstream stunna! Yall a vegan brand with a mattifying moisturizer "Queue the harmony music"!! I love this moisturizer. I got a compliment the first day I tried it. "You don't look oily today" is a really great compliment for a combination skin gyal like me. I've been a grease-ball because I ran out of my gel moisturizer and this is perfect for me. I can actually wear a some foundation on days I want to look a little cheeky for work. Easy to use, instant results right before your eyes and i'll say a total of 12 hours I was shine and oil free. Thank you acure. 

African Pride Leave In Cream

I was wowed by how effective this affordable styling cream was by African pride. Listen I was never a fan of them I mean you couldn't pay me to use them either. I felt like prior to this line their products did not work for me. I don't down a brand because of their products may not be for me because look at this! What a surprise. I love this moisture miracle collection the whole line is bomb and affordable. Definitely a new love and I would repurchase. 

Multipurpose Oil by Acure 
Moroccan Argan Oil  

I use this oil for general use I mean so many ways to use this oil. For my fall routine I use this to moisturize my lips, my hair ends, as a moisturizer after my pedicure, in my hair mask and the list goes on. Would you like to see the many ways to use this oil? Comment please and i'll add your suggestions to the queue. 

Thank you for reading !

Consy said...

I want to try Acure soon!