Anxiety is Controlling

Feeling anxious really blows. There's really no other way to say it. I'm an informal type of girl so this sh**t really BLOWS. Over the years I developed several coping styles on how to feel less anxious and more of myself. Let's face it the world is forever changing and it feels as though some of us aren't ready for the new world which is totally fine. We don't have to keep up with everything and anything that is happening.

However not being able to be yourself in a forever changing world can really feel alone. I use to feel that way and very quickly I would tend to isolate myself. By the way, this is my First Blog Post for the summer and of 2019. This goes to show and I'm totally not beating myself up in this post but I would love to highlight how powerful and controlling it can become. Anxiety can really be a tugging and pulling factor in our lives.

I use to feel really bad about taking a break. The reality is that if anxiety continues to make me feel alone and make me feel like I'm not fitting in then generally I become less current. I was unable to produce because of the self process to anxiety and it concurs. I had enough though, I really had enough of the way I felt and I had just as much responsibility on getting myself out of feeling this way. I shared some tips on what to do when we feel anxious over on my Instagram check it out. I'm sure you'll be able to pull somethings from there that can fit into your routine.

Over the past 6 months quite a few things happened and overall looking back WE have to be accountable. If you're not trying to help yourself then don't expect it to fade it away overnight work at it. Find your pace to recover, heal, grow and maintain your lifestyle while struggling with anxiety. Rome wasn't built overnight and we are a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. I'm so happy to say 6 months later and I'm feeling more of myself and super proud that working through these past 6 months have been a great feeling.

I'm playing catch up guys thanks for sticking in. Love you loads xo. Sabrina!